Our Process

Some typical repairs are:

  • Cleaning (which is typically required)
  • Replacement of eyes
  • New nose and mouth
  • Ear fabrication and replacements
  • Squeaker/Growler repair
  • Re-stuffing
  • Paw pad replacement/recovering/patching
  • Joint repair/replacement
  • Limb replacement, or repair
  • Mechanical mechanism repairs, such as internal/external frames, etc.

We use only the finest materials, and will go to great lengths to match colors. Our main focus is restoration; we feel that maintaining originality is critical to the value of any toy.

The Process

First, you must contact us. In order to better serve you, a written transcript of our communications is necessary, so email correspondence is preferred. Please include several good, clear, photos of your toy with your email. I am unable to provide any pricing, estimates or discuss your toy until I have seen pictures. Please also include the size of your toy, height in inches is what is needed. Photos allow me to determine the type of fabric your toy was made from, the overall construction, and time frame needed to complete the work. Though it is nearly impossible to give a 100% accurate estimate without first being able to see and hold the item, the photos are crucial in the initial assessment. I will provide you with a “rough” estimate, but I may need to revise it once I see your toy, as there are sometimes things I cannot see in the photos. Please read my FAQs to see some specific types of repairs that I do not do. It is not my intent to ever completely remake a toy. (some refer to this as recovering.) If this is something you want done, it is best if you find a great seamstress and let them use your toy as a pattern to remake it for you. My goal is to repair what you have, if at all possible. It important to note that some toys made of cotton fabric cannot be repaired. Cotton sheeting or printed cotton fabrics that have deteriorated must be replaced, not repaired.

When shipping your toys, you may use Priority, or Registered Mail, or UPS, and insurance is highly recommended. It is important to include in the box a card with your name, address, email, phone number and value of the toy. This is for insurance purposes, and should be included in the box, not sent via email. Also, a deposit of 50% of the estimated repairs are due when the toy is shipped.

Once we have received your package, we will carefully inspect your toys and using your original estimate, I will provide you with an accurate listing of the repair and restoration charges. In order to maintain my credibility, I cannot perform partial repairs. When working on a toy, it is important that I do the restoration work that I feel is necessary to preserve a toy in the best condition possible. If I were to only do part of the work – even at the customer’s request – it could be detrimental to the overall longevity of the piece. In addition, while you may prefer your toy looking a certain way (ie. missing an eye, a hole not patched, etc.), someone else looking at your toy may just feel that the restorer was unable to complete the job, which would not have been accurate. In most cases I require that a toy be cleaned as part of the restoration work. If cost is a concern, I am very willing to work with you. This being said, I work very hard at maintaining the special character of each toy I work on. (Sometimes, that slightly lopsided bear that you remember as a child, just wouldn’t do to be completely straightened up!) Once I receive written approval from you (via email) and we are in agreement on what work is to be performed, I will start to work.

The time to complete a repair varies from toy to toy, but I will try to provide you an approximate delivery time after I have started the repairs. We refuse to cut corners, and will do everything possible to do the repairs correctly. While I know that many people don’t like to be without their toys for any length of time, the work cannot be rushed. When the work is completed, we will send you digital images of the toy in its finished state, and a copy of your invoice, showing the balance due, including return shipping. (All shipping costs, including any insurance costs, are the responsibility of the customer. Even if you choose to send me stamps or pre-paid postage, there is still a small handling fee.)   You may pay via check, money order, or bank check.  If you want to use a credit card, you will need to pay via PayPal. I also now accept Venmo.

Here is the part of the process that I must share: While I love my job, it is not a hobby, it helps to pay the bills. If you cannot pay your balance when the work is completed, just let me know so we can work something out. If no payment arrangements have been made, and I have to store your toy for more than 2 weeks time, I will need to charge a storage fee.

Canadian and foreign shipments must incur a surcharge of $15 for additional forms and packaging. Once your final payment is received, we will then ship the toy back to you via Priority Mail, or Registered mail. (UPS upon request, but please allow an extra day for me to get it to UPS.) A hard copy of your invoice will be included with the shipment.