…before the repair.

I have a stuffed toy that needs some work. Can you tell me how much will it cost and how long will it take?
What is the procedure to get an estimate?
After approval, when should I send my toy?
Can I deliver my toy to you to avoid shipping?
How long does a typical repair job take?
Can I request that the work on my toy be rushed?

…about toy repair.

Can you please tell me who made my toy and when? Can you provide me a value for insurance purposes?
Can you put new fur into bald areas?
I have a toy that is made of real fur, can you repair it?
Do you work on toys that need to have mechanical repairs?
I have a toy that has specific clothes, can you remake them?
I only want a partial repair, will you only perform select repairs of my choosing?
I would like the original stuffing to be reused in my plush toy, will you save it to put back in after cleaning?
Can you sell me the items I need to repair my toy?
My Steiff toy is missing its button. Can you replace it?
My child has a pajama toy (a stuffed animal with a plush head, hands and feet, but a cloth body, usually a fabric with a child's pajama print) and they have had it since birth. The fabric is wearing out, can you replace it?
How do you...?

…about my business.

How do I contact Mar-Ke?
What are your normal hours of operation?
I don't really like email, can we correspond via text messages or by phone?
What are my payment options?